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AW Technology is developing a new addition to the company’s cutting-edge product portfolio. Utilising the latest technology, combined with AW Technology’s expertise in the industry, the 9000 series will deliver a truly pioneering approach towards calibrating and testing Carbon Monoxide (CO) detection products.

The initial product will be ideally suited for calibrating and testing CO alarm and detection products in high volume manufacture. It will be supported by the very latest software to ensure maximum output and performance. The software will enable the 9000 series to:

  • Monitor the sensors within the equipment and other inputs and outputs and display status on the main screen.

  • Test for any unsafe conditions, and shut down the equipment or stop a test in a safe manner.

  • Track progress of the current test, and display a concentration graph and detector results on the main screen.

  • Enable the configuration of up to 50 test profiles, which can be named by the user for display in the select test function. A summary of the test profile parameters will be displayed on the main screen.

  • Offer built in calibration procedures for reference sensors.

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AW Technology is the leading independent provider of technology to the fire detection and alarm industry. We are based in the United Kingdom, but we operate worldwide.


Our main services are the supply of specialist test equipment, R&D and technical consultancy.

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