Over the past few months, our team have been extremely busy with the highly anticipated FIREX 2019 international exhibition, ongoing management of customers, identification of new clients and the development of existing and new technology.However, as always with AW Technology, the team are always looking forward with the aim to continue as the industry’s leading innovator.


awtechnology.com sat down with Business Development Manager, Chris Atkiss, to find out more about the business’ plans moving forward. 


“We’ve always got one eye on the future. In our industry that must be the case if you want to be successful. Whilst I’ve not been here for all our past 25 years of history, I’m fully committed to our core business philosophy of continuous improvement and development. 


“We’re really excited about what the future holds for AW Technology, and it’s encouraging to see how the industry is reacting to some of the innovations and products that we’re proposing to introduce into the market. We’re fortunate to have a real energetic mix of youth and experience at AW Technology, and we truly believe that this eclectic blend continues to put us ahead of our competition. 

“In terms of specifics, we’re all hugely looking forward to the launch of our 9000 series CO Calibrator, which is the latest addition to our cutting-edge product portfolio. 

“The 9000 series utilises the latest technology, and combined with AW Technology’s expertise in the industry, delivers a truly pioneering approach towards calibrating Carbon Monoxide detection products. The product is ideally suited to be used for calibrating and testing CO alarm and detection products in high volume manufacture and is supported by the very latest software to ensure maximum output and performance.

“FIREX 2019, provided the perfect platform for us to first introduce the 9000 series into the market and we were delighted with the reaction that we received. This feedback has continued over the subsequent weeks, and we’re now fully focused on the product release date, which will be announced in due course.”

For more information about AW Technology’s product portfolio, including the CO 9000 Series Calibrator, visit our website: www.awtechnology.com or speak to one of our expert and friendly team, via: +44 (0)1455 841116. 

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AW Technology is the leading independent provider of technology to the fire detection and alarm industry. We are based in the United Kingdom, but we operate worldwide.


Our main services are the supply of specialist test equipment, R&D and technical consultancy.

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As a result of our commitment to continual product improvement, we now supply all of our smoke and heat detector te… https://t.co/K6NTxDcPdL
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