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Global suppliers of fire detection test tunnels. Designed and manufactured in the UK

30 years

AW Technology have worked with customers across the globe to deliver world class test tunnel equipment to the fire and smoke alarm detection industries. However, Ajax Systems are the first customer to be based in Ukraine and AW Technology are delighted to have them on board as part of their diverse client portfolio.

Having started in 2011, Ajax Systems have transformed from a promising start-up into an international company that sells security systems to 70 countries around the world

David Haigh, Commercial Director, AW Technology, said: “We are delighted to announce the completion of our first ever sale to the Ukrainian market. Ajax Systems are internationally known in the security industry and help countless people across the globe protect their homes with cutting edge wireless security systems.

“We are proud to have a truly global client base and with our first sale to Ukraine we can now add to that list. Our core business philosophy is centred around providing the same trademark AW Technology service no matter where in the world our customers are based.”

To find out more about how your business can benefit from an AW Technology fire or smoke detection test tunnel, then visit www.awtechnology.com

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About Us

AW Technology is the leading independent provider of technology to the fire detection and alarm industry. We are based in the United Kingdom, but we operate worldwide.


Our main services are the supply of specialist test equipment, R&D and technical consultancy.

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