Important upgrade information for AW Technology test tunnels

The ‘life-cycle’ for the Windows 7 operating system ended on 14 January 2020, AW Technology is undergoing a programme of software upgrades with existing customers to ensure that full connectivity, usability and performance for their test tunnels can be maintained.

AW Technology is now supplying a high-quality National Instruments data acquisition card with all new systems, since Windows 10 cannot be supported on the older Amplicon PCI230+ cards.

AW Technology is also providing our customers with a V3.007 software upgrade to their system, which will not only provide compatibility with Windows 10 but a raft of new benefits and additional functionality.

This includes, but is not limited to:

  • Test results can be grouped into projects for better organisation & privacy across users
  • Voltage, alarm current, airspeed, motor rpm, dwell times, device orientation, etc.
  • More information available in log files: room temp, project name, devices fitted, device
  • Voltage, alarm current, airspeed, motor rpm, dwell times, device orientation, etc.
  • Logging of ramp data is now possible at 1⁄4s, 1⁄2s or, as in previous versions, every 1 second.
  • Software limit for max temperature in heat ramp increased from 150°C to 190°C.
  • Extract fan automatically shuts down 30 minutes after end of test
  • If a smoke test is aborted by the user before aerosol has started, it is now quicker to restart
  • Access to setup screens is now possible during clearing or cooling
  • Conventional heat devices are now powered at the start of stabilisation period in heat tests
  • More engineering adjustments to allow better control at the start of smoke ramp test

The pricing structure for these crucial software upgrades are as follows:

  • V3.007 software upgrade (if you are running windows 10 and a NI card) £900
  • Full system upgrade including A new PC running windows 10, NI card V3.005 software, NI data acquisition cable £2500.


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