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The leading global suppliers of fire detection test tunnels. Designed and manufactured in the UK.

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The 1000 and 2000 series fire detector test tunnels are intended to test point smoke and heat detectors to British and European standards. A range of variants and options are available within the standard designs. The smoke tunnel variants are is capable of testing smoke detectors to EN54-7 and smoke alarms to EN14604. The heat tunnel variants are capable of testing heat detectors to EN54-5 and heat alarms to BS5446-2. The features of both may be combined for testing both smoke and heat detectors to all four standards.

The tunnels comprise a recirculating duct made of sheet steel, with a clear polycarbonate door to the test section. Variants with heating include an insulating lining which provides thermal insulation to enable tests at elevated or reduced temperature, as well as achieving optimum performance in fast heat ramp tests. The tunnels are fitted with aerodynamic features to ensure a non-turbulent and even airflow between 0.2m/s and 1.0m/s. The 2000 series tunnels are mounted on a steel framework, with casters for easy relocation within a laboratory area.

The smoke tunnel variants use a self contained atomiser which produces a paraffin aerosol which meets the requirements of EN54-7. Optical aerosol and smoke concentration is measured using an AW Technology designed high stability obscuration meter which also meets the requirements of EN54-7. For testing ionisation smoke detectors a MIC ionisation reference can be fitted. The smoke tunnels are also fitted with two thermocouple temperature sensors, and an air velocity sensor can be included as an option.

Powerful heaters are fitted in the heat tunnel variants (6kW single phase in 1000 series and 15kW three phase heaters in 2000 series). They enable testing up to grade C in EN54-5, with rates of rise of temperature up to 30oC/minute. All tests to EN54-5 are carried out at 0.8m/s. In some variants a cooling unit is included with the heat tunnel. This permits heat ramp tests to be carried out from 5oC and is also used to cool the tunnel between tests. The heat tunnel variants are fitted with four thermocouple temperature sensors, including a fast response sensor in the test section.

The tunnels are monitored and controlled from a standard Windows PC. The interface to the PC uses a PCI multifunction card, which provides analogue and digital inputs and outputs. The main control box contains the interface and control electronics. The tunnels are supplied with the PC base unit with interface card and software pre-installed.

The software package for the laboratory tunnels is easy to use for an operator with limited training. It also provides engineering functions to enable flexible configuration of operation. Tests are carried out automatically, and the alarm state of up to 6 detectors may be monitored. When detectors under test have alarmed the tunnel is cleared, or cooled, automatically and the results are displayed and logged to text files.

AW Technology

AW Technology is the leading independent provider of technology to the fire detection and alarm industry. We are based in the United Kingdom, but we operate worldwide.


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