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Delivering a truly pioneering approach towards calibrating carbon monoxide detection products

Carbon Monoxide
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A better way of testing

The leading global suppliers of fire detection test tunnels. Designed and manufactured in the UK.

Test Tunnel
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Industrial Design

AW Technology can offer industrial design services as part of a complete product design service. AW Technology has established an effective working relationship with a highly experienced, Leicester-based product design consultant.

His work includes a wide range of consumer, medical and industrial products for companies that include British Telecom, Adidas and the Pfizer group. This collaboration with AW Technology has resulted in a number of smoke and security detector designs, as well as designs for several control panels.

Industrial design is undertaken using advanced 3D CAD techniques, enabling the visual appearance of a product to be realised quickly for client approval. Detailed designs are then produced in 3D CAD, allowing component parts to be viewed from any angle and checked on the computer screen. Prototypes are generated directly from the output files from 3D CAD using SLA (Stereolithography) techniques. The same output files can then be used to make tools for plastic injection moulding.

If you have an interest in industrial design please contact us to arrange a meeting with our design specialist, who can give a presentation of previous work and discuss your requirements.

AW Technology

AW Technology is the leading independent provider of technology to the fire detection and alarm industry. We are based in the United Kingdom, but we operate worldwide.


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